Portugal . 2013


Chart is a wall clock that re-think the role of hands and dial in the visual composition of the traditional clock. The hands ceased to be physical pointers to become voids in the dials, which rotate independently creating ever-changing configurations.


The inversion in the visual language of the two standard clock components results in a hermetic object that doesn’t declare right away its function, without overruling of the universally recognized way of time displaying and, therefore, without affecting the readability of the information.


Chart is still a traditional clock, but the concealed function allows it to be perceived as a pure abstract object more than a technical accessory. This results in a clock that disguises itself as part of the decoration, communicating on different levels according to the person acknowledgment of its purpose.


The clock is made of three different dials: the fixed colored background, the white for the minutes and the black for the hours, all made of aluminum sheets to reduce the weight. The independent rotations allow to reveal different portions and quantities of the colored background according to the time, always creating different compositions.

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