Gelato Therapy

Lisbon . Portugal . 2014
Client: Art For Fun, lda


Interior design for an ice cream shop in down town Lisbon. The location is an historical building from the 18th century in which, hidden by a number of previous interventions, were still most of it’s original architectural features. Cleaning up not-authentic elements and restoring everything to it’s original state was essential to create a virgin environment where to insert all the parts of the new intervention.


The design process focused on creating an independent unit to divide the existing space and to contain all the different functions. The visual separation between the original architecture and the new elements is achieved by the dialog between the two opposites, where the new always declares itself through the way it interacts with the old.


Dealing with a very small area, approximately 35m², this approach is also used to help expanding the perception of the shop, thanks to details such as keeping a separation between the dividing walls and the existing arched roof, or framing the new elements into a strong yellow line.


The distinction between new and old is emphasized by the simplicity of the lines and the materials, as well as the choice of colors pattern, of the designed elements that are in clear contrast with the texture and the feel of the original structure.



All technical installations, such as lightning and ventilation, are also included in the new unit, keeping the original features completely untouched. To avoid perforating the arched roof, LED stripes are hidden in the yellow beans, using the white ceiling only as a reflective surface.


The black surfaces are provided as blank canvas for brand application, customization and as communication features.