Patio Nazaré

Portugal . 2016
Partners: Ana Ponte, Filipe Carvalho
Client: Private



Preliminary study for the renovation of an inner court in Nazaré and its transformation into independent residential units with shared common areas. The existing blocks, originally built partly as small houses and partly as storage areas, reflect the traditional local construction and present different states of conservation.


The patio works as a whole, sharing one access from the street thorough the main building, and is completely isolated from the urban tissue of the city. Inner alleys and common areas give to the aggregate the look and the dynamics of a small village, an important aspect that the intervention aims to preserve. The program is reviewed by internally connecting the existing volumes to update the residential typologies according to the market, resulting in eight separate units.


All existing volumes, with the exception of the wooden shacks and the excessively damaged masonry constructions, are renovated and kept original. The dismantled structures are replaced by timber shading elements that mark the outdoor spaces and function as a memory of the original layout.


New common public areas are created, partly from the space freed by the dismantled buildings, to serve the units without private exterior areas and to stimulate the social interaction inside the enclosed community.


All visually obstructive division walls are lowered or eliminated to allow new perspectives across the entire plot, improving the perception of the extension and increasing the natural light inside the houses.


The existing green area is cleaned and improved, while new green is planted in the public spaces and circulation. New openings in the existing buildings are created to change the orientation of the residential units, which are now open towards the green public areas or the private patios.