Italy . 2016
Partners: Nuno Marcos
Client: Competition


The installation is designed to showcase Florim’s wide range of materials as well as the reference projects where the materials are applied. Ceramic tiles are used unconventionally to create a soft skin that wraps and conceals the content of the installation. The concept behind the design is to transform a rigid matter into a soft surface to emphasize FLORIM’s tradition in pushing the boundaries of the ceramic material.


The outside surface is created applying 15x15cm ceramic triangles, pre-cut from different Florim Magnum Oversize tiles, to a 3mm felt drape. Each drape, 115x263cm in size, is the base module that generates the curtain. It takes 12 drapes, joint together by zippers, to complete the 13,80m circumference of the installation.



The triangles are applied according to the predefined pattern, to create the illustrated composition. The original tiles are selected across the different Florim catalogues: Floor Gres, Rex, Casa Dolce Casa e Casamood,


The prototype simulates the behavior of the triangulation in the different situations, testing and discovering all the possible form of interaction with the curtain. The surface reacts in distinct ways according to the different forces applied, morphing and shaping to create unique textural landscapes.


On the inside a neutral space, in contrast with the outside surface, serves as a quiet environment that doesn’t overpower the information displayed in the horizontal band. A playful and interactive exhibition system allows the visitor to discover the materials and to learn more about the projects. While on the outside curtain the single tile is blended in the pattern becoming part of a bigger composition, on the inside wall each Florim material is given the proper relevance and is shown as a unique piece.