Atelier da Tufi

Portugal . 2015
Client: Sofia Quintela Lda


Retail design for the new Atelier da Tufi’s store in Lisbon, a brand selling kids goods, haberdashery and decor. Since the existing location was previously divided in two different shops, resulting in different finishing and floor levels, the first step was to unify the space and create a neutral base. This approach helped controlling the construction budget leaving more flexibility to create independent freestanding elements that define the environment and refers to the brand.


Being the core business children’s related products, the priority was to create a playful and informal environment where kids could feel at home and be invited to explore the space. The oversize wooden elements (like the hut, the mid-furniture and the divider) serves this purpose, being at the same time functional and practical elements.



The wooden hut, as well as being a branding element, divides the store in two different areas selling different products categories, hides the service stairs and creates a flexible window display.


The materials are OSB panels, pine wood structure and plywood to help contain the costs and to simplify construction and assembly. They are also warm materials with neutral textures that prevent from overpowering the displayed goods.