Portugal . 2011


Fold is a steel coffee table deriving from a single sheet of metal that has been cut and bent to create the structural core of the furniture. The concept aims to reduce the transformation phases during the production process, letting the design being driven by the material itself rather than the final result.


The cut and fold operation is planned to generate a functional landscape that stimulates the interaction between the user and the product, while, at the same time, creates the lifting points that allow the table to stand straight.


To maximize the use of the material, the dimensions of the table are 100x70cm, exactly half the size of a standard industrial steel sheet. Allowing to produce two units out of each sheet eliminating any left overs or production waste.


To emphasize the importance of the material in the design process and to further cut down on the transformation steps, the steel is left unfinished, except for a thin layer of varnish to protect it from the elements.


Due to its simple and minimal production process, Fold is suitable to be hand crafted with the support of standard machinery or to be mass produced with CNC automated technology.